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vibrasyonlu spiral konveyor vibra konveyor spiral conveyor vibra conveyor

Effiency: Tremor® Vibratory Spiral Conveyor

The term efficiency has a lot to do with a business entity. Every business stands to attain its predefined goals and objectives while particularly stressing on its ability of maintaining its survival and profitability constantly. In doing so, efficiency counts greatly.

As regards efficiency, it is important to note that using the fabrication area efficiently plays a crucial role for production companies. Tremor® vibratory spiral conveyor solves a big problem for compounding and recycling companies in terms of efficiency.

It is very important to lower the temperature of the end product before packaging, otherwise, the product quality drops significantly. Traditionally this cooling process requires a lot of space, but spiral vibrating conveyor completes this task in a modern way. Since the cooling line of vibratory spiral conveyor is not horizontal but vertical, the vibra conveyor saves a lot of space in the production line.

As a conclusion, Tremor® vibratory spiral conveyor is great when it comes using the production field efficiently. The vibrating spiral conveyor is a vertical operating system and it would thus be of great value to maintain to decrease cooling area needed. In terms of efficiency, spiral vibratory conveyor accomplishes a great task for production companies.

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vibrasyonlu spiral konveyor vibra konveyor spiral conveyor vibra conveyor

A Money Saver: Tremor® Vibrating Spiral Conveyor

When a company factors in the cost of labor, packaging is often more expensive than anticipated. Especially if the company is producing domestically or in small quantities. This expensiveness shows up because of the required processes before packaging such as cooling the end product.
Tremor® vibrating spiral conveyor is a great helper in terms of saving production space and money. The spiral vibratory conveyor doesn’t come with a high price when the vibra conveyor is compared with a horizontal and traditional cooling line.

Besides production space saving the spiral vibratory conveyor has significant advantages in terms of maintenance. The vibrating spiral conveyor is operating with two vibration motors and with a small amount of cool water to drop the temperature of the end product.

To summarize, the companies who are in search of an economical and successful cooling system for their bulk or granulized products should request a quotation for spiral vibratory conveyor. It must be noted that vibratory spiral conveyors are customized systems for different types of products and the prices of the vibra conveyors are various.

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water treatment mechanisms

Good Quality Water Treatment Mechanisms: Low Maintenance Costs

Having access to clean and safe water is very important in our daily lives. Nevertheless, something we do not always consider is the cost of that water.
Behind the water service are many people working hard to treat the water and serve the treated water to the homes and businesses. The water treatment service providers are also working to maintain water treatment plants while trying hard to keep their services affordable. Unfortunately, the costs in the water treatment industry are increasing in the coming years and it is challenging for water treatment service providers to keep these costs at a minimum.

As a water treatment equipment manufacturer, in 3A Makina,

We do our best to help the water treatment service providers and water treatment companies maintain low costs and keep their businesses running. We design and fabricate water treatment equipment with high quality so that the lifespan of the water treatment mechanisms are long. Furthermore, It is very important to use the highest quality materials for water treatment systems because of the relationship between water quality and the contact material while treating the water.

Finally, it is our duty to provide good quality water treatment equipment with good quality and certified raw material to the water treatment service providers so that they can keep the maintenance costs at a minimum while not having concerns on the lifespan of their water treatment mechanisms. Imagine the maintenance costs if they have to replace the clarifiers or thickeners in short time periods, this would not help them for sure to distribute the treated water with affordable prices.

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Outsourcing Manufacturing

Outsourcing Manufacturing

Contract fabrication is the process of recruiting companies outside of your company to build your current products or new designs. Today many companies across the globe choose to outsource their manufacturing needs is due to the cut in labour costs.

A third-party manufacturing company can help to decrease production costs in a great way so that it tends to be much more economical to outsource production processes to companies that have a comparative advantage to produce them internally. Outsourcing, also called contract fabrication utilizes assets that are already in place without having to make an investment in fixed costs.

Manufacturing companies can benefit from contract fabrication with outsourcing their production in many ways. The cost reduction stays as the main reason for outsourcing. Companies aim to fix the manufacturing costs because they work on the manufacturing contracts which is the challenge for the contract fabricator. So the main risk is on the contract manufacturer. In addition to that if any product, from the prototype to the finished product, can be completed faster or at a lower cost somewhere else, it is always best to sign fabrication contracts for outsourcing it.

Here are some of the main advantages 3A Makina can offer to your company:

  • Cheaper labour and lower asset cost. Even the World has become virtually global today the conditions are still various in different part of the World.
  • Lower fixed cost. Many companies prefer outsourcing their manufacturing needs because they only have to pay for the variable cost of production, and not for any upfront fixed costs.
  • Logistics. The information age allows us to communicate on the cheap in milliseconds. But what about your products? Since you can not send them virtually, yet, logistics became one of the biggest inputs when calculating products or projects costs. 3A Makina can be your logistics partner in addition to being your fabrication partner. Turkey is a well-developed country when it comes to logistics. Since the country is geographically located between three seas and three continents 3A Makina has clear access to many countries with low costs. We do have global agencies from the American continent to Australia to establish economic and safe routes.
  • Flexible manufacturing. 3A Makina is a very flexible company as it is clear from the product range. We deliver various products for various industries when the product meets our contract manufacturing capabilities. So when you launch a new product or run a project which includes products that are special to that project 3A Makina is there to help you fabricate the products.
  • Manufacturing certificates. Most of the projects have some certain certification requests from the fabricators. 3A Makina stays actual of renewing its certificates regularly and even add new ones as fast as possible when it is required.
  • Traceable fabrication. In 3A Makina we involve our customers in our fabrication process and we share the fabrication & progress reports regularly so that the customer is in full charge of the status of the product.
  • Quality control. As a ISO 9001:2015 certified we follow the procedures strictly and report back to our customers. We also provide the option of 3rd party inspection and tests from globally respectful companies and present the 3rd party reports to our customers.
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mixing tank manufacturer, mixing vessel manufacturer, mixing tank, mixing vessel, blending tank, blending vessel, blending tank manufacturer, blending vessel manufacturer

Tank Geometry: Choosing the Right Mixing Tank System

As a World-wide mixing tank manufacturer, we are often asked about the right geometry of our mixing vessels by our potential customers. The tank geometry plays a crucial role in the mixing process since it affects the mixer design, also.

Different mixing tank geometries have advantages and also disadvantages in terms of price, effectiveness, installation space and structure. Two common mixing vessel designs are cylindrical or sharp-edged also called rectangular. Both of these mixing tank designs can be similar in the body part of the vessel but the bottom part is all different.

Rectangular Mixing Tanks

Rectangular mixing tanks are usually designed with flat bottoms which help to the mixing process with acting as baffles at the bottom of the tank. This type of mixer tank design allows the transfer of the mixer group’s power more effectively in the mixture. However, they can cause sticking of the solid mixed products to the edges which is a problem for the mixing tanks volume and the suspension of the solids in the mixture. Rectangular mixer tanks have higher fabrication costs, also. They are recommended for liquid-liquid mixtures.

Cylindrical Mixing Tanks

Cylindrical mixing tanks usually called as better design even they required to add baffles in the mixing vessel to prevent swirling motion of the mixing product or even vortexing. The position of the mixing group plays a crucial role in preventing the vortex and placing the baffles in the correct position of the mixing tank. With dished or conical bottom designs of the mixer tank it easy to prevent the sticking of the product and use the mixing place more efficiently. The viscosity of the mixing product is also very important for the mixer vessel design and the requirement of baffles. The cylindrical mixing tanks are more economical solution in the fabrication aspects and also they are more space friendly in the facility comparing to the rectangular mixing tanks.

As an experienced manufacturer, 3A Makina helps its customers to choose the best possible mixer vessel in their process after a detailed analysis. Please contact us for your potential mixing tank projects or mixing vessel renewals in your current mixing process.


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mixer tank

Mixer Tank Bottom Design: Which one is the best?

Mixer tanks are the backbone of today’s modern liquid fabrication facilities and it is very important to choose the right mixer tank head for the effective blending.
Imagine you are mixing two substances in a glass with a spoon. The shape of the glass determines our hands range of motion and effectiveness of mixing itself. Mixing tanks are just big glasses with different mixing head variations which should be chosen correctly.

As one of the mixing tank head designs, dished head mixer tanks have rounded endings. This blending vessel design offers rigidity and strength. Dished mixing tank head design offers the best overall fluid flow and solids suspension performance, also. The rounded bottom of the mixer vessel helps with the draining of the liquids and provides significantly better solids suspension performance than a flat bottom or cone bottom. In conclusion, dished bottom blending tanks shine out in terms of rigidity, strength, axial flow pattern and drainage of the liquid substances.
The main disadvantage of the dished headed mixer tanks is the increment of the tanks overall size. Since the blending tank height is increased the mixer mill height is also increased correspondingly. This affects the mixer tank fabrication costs in a negative way.

Another type, cone bottom mixer tanks are very common in many industries since they provide successful drainage until every last drop of the product being mixed.
Blending tanks with cone bottom has an ideal geometry for draining high solid content solutions but cone bottom mixer vessels can cause layering, radial flow and heat gradients of the suspension if the solid concentration is more than 5%. This also means that possible liquid-solid separation can happen at the cone bottom of the mixing vessel because of the bottom geometry. Same mill height problem (and increased cost) of the dished head blending tanks is valid for cone bottom designs.

As a third alternative, sloped bottom mixer tanks are designed with a sloped bottom. In this design, accessing the bottom of the tank is easier, ideal for tanks with drainage on the bottom. This type of mixing vessels provide best draining performance without increasing the tank size comparing to the cone bottom. But when the elevation increases it is getting more difficult to the elevated area and also achieve a perfect solids suspension percentage in the mixing tank. Because of that it is very important to choose the right bearing and shaft design for the adaption.

Finally, the last and oldest mixing tank flat bottom design is the flat bottom. These type of mixer tanks are more cost friendly comparing to the other bottom designs. They are broadly used and do not affect the overall mixing performance in a negative way. Since flat bottom mixer tank is designed shorter comparing to the other designs (less height) they require a shorter shaft, also. In addition to the economic advantage of this situation, flat bottom mixing vessel has a neutral shape for solids suspension and liquid movement. As a normal result of being flat, the drainage is not as good as it is in the other mixing tank bottom designs. If the viscosity of the liquid substances is relatively high, the customer can not expect a good drainage of the solution.

As a conclusion, the tank bottom design depends on different factors we explained and it is very circumstantial. It is not possible to say one design surpass the others. As a World-wide mixing tank manufacturer, 3A Makina are eager to recommend the right tank bottom design. We always encourage our potential customers to decide the mixer tank end design altogether. Experience plays a crucial part when deciding the right mixing tank and this is where 3A Makina comes forward.

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Ribbon Blender

What is The Ribbon Blender?

Ribbon blender is a technology that is commonly used in food, chemicals, cosmetics, plastic, construction materials, pharmacy. Ribbon blender can be used for powder mixing, granules, liquid and powder mixing purposes. Food industry, pesticides, crystalline, pharmaceutical materials, insecticides are the best suitable areas for ribbon mixer. If someone in this area looks for a ribbon blender for sale, that would be a logical decision.   

The ribbon mixer ensures homogeneous, economically efficient mixing processes. We start with how to make ribbon blender. Ribbon blender is designed to meet proficient mixing and blending capabilities. Ribbon blender is used to mix solid materials or powdered components to deliver a fine and homogenous mixture.  

Ribbon blender mixes to higher degree of exactness and productivity regardless of the accessible amounts of the materials. Ribbon mixer is particularly reasonable for mixing such strong materials like granules, flavors, glue, liquid and talcum powders. 

Ribbon Blender Provides Low Cost and High Efficiency

In the light of the developing technology, growing machine technology makes the life of people remarkably easier. Progress in mixer technology is one of them. Ribbon mixer saves time by fully homogenizing mixtures and provides an economic contribution. Ribbon blenders become very popular mixing devices because of maintenance, setup cost and the low cost of the product they produce compared to the other blenders in this industry.

Why do you need Ribbon Blender? 

The ribbon mixer ensures homogeneous, economically efficient mixing processes. Ribbon blender is outlined to meet proficient mixing and blending capabilities. Ribbon blender is utilized to suitably blend and mix dry solid and solid materials or powdered components to deliver a fine and homogenous mixture.
There are inner and outer ribbons working in up and down direction to mix the powder in a short time. There are various special mixing options for ribbon blender mixers such as heating system
integrated and high-speed mixing blades with respect to the powder.

1. Wide Range of Application and Exceptionally Few Crushes

Having a double ribbon agitator makes ribbon mixer machine multipurpose. It is also reasonable for mixing the powder-powder, powder-liquid, paste and materials having highly sticky consistency like putty. Material destructiveness could not be seen because of having a spiral speed of the ribbon. Besides, the ribbon does not collapse or stops functioning easily.

2. It Has a Triple Expert Blending Capability 

This triple-action is used as an effective mixing capacity with high speed. The double-helical agitators enable to rotate the material inside the blender. As a result of this rotation, the exterior ribbon passes the material to the discharge side. An Interior ribbon that is capable of opposing movement ability sends back materials from the discharge door to the other side.  

3. Improved Sealing and Highly Loading Rate 

The angle of the mixing cylinders changes from 180 to 300 and its loading capacity is nearly %70. In addition, there are lots of sealing method that enables to select the suitable one for the product. The ribbon mixer has solid construction. Packing seal is used for superfine powder ones, mechanical seals are used for materials with good fluidity. The lid of the ribbon mixer machine is stainless steel and prevents from leakage.

4. Produces a Super Consistency and Homogenous Mix and Blend 

There are two ribbon agitators in the ribbon blender. These agitators move the materials from one end to another in the ribbon mixer. This movement changes the material into a homogenous mixture.  

5. Revealing a Super Mixture in a Noticeable Short Time  

The ribbons of the ribbon mixer have the capability of rotating 70-100 meters per minute which is a super-fast speed. 15-20 minutes is required to complete the blending of the mixture. 

6. Variety of Working Capacity and Limited Size 

The ribbon mixer machines have a changing capacity between 5 to 25000 liters. They are also user-friendly and they can be ideal for the ones that have limited spaces. We can help you with the size and how to calculate volume of the ribbon blender.

We would like to specify that the range of the ribbon mixers is wide regarding how to design ribbon mixer.

Please tell us the ribbon mixer design you want. We, as the sector’s leading ribbon mixer manufacturer, will be delivering the product you want as soon as possible. Get a Quote!


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What is The Advantages of Ribbon Mixer?

Ribbon Mixer and blender usage and prevalence are increasing. Ribbon mixers and blenders, which contribute economically to the work done, also save time and facilitate the user’s work. 3 A Makina is one of the leading ribbon mixer manufacturers of ribbon mixers and blenders. We also offer various options on how to select a ribbon blender. Please contact us about how to design ribbon blender. We inform you about ribbon blender design. You can achieve homogenous powder mixture in very short time with ribbon mixers and blenders produced in the plants of 3 A Machine. We also offer various options on how to select a ribbon blender.

Applications of the Ribbon Blender Machine

Main applications of the ribbon blenders and mixers are as followings: 

  • Huge number of dry solids can be mixed in the ribbon blenders. 
  • Ribbon blender machine mixes chemicals, drugs, and cosmetics. 
  • Ribbon mixer blends ingredients with the capsule. 

Ribbon blender machines are used in multifarious fields such as agricultural chemicals, chocolate products, detergents and soaps, flours, food flavoring and mixes, pharmaceuticals and vitamins, powdered metals.

Equipment Pieces of Ribbon Blender 

These equipments of the ribbon mixer machine are essential to building a uniform blend and smooth results. These equipments explains how do ribbon blenders work.  

  • Blending Vessel 

The Blending of the materials takes place in this region. Blending vessel is the biggest and main part of the system. It has a mostly U-shaped design. Two ribbons do their movements here.  

  • Heavy Top Cover  

There is a top flat lid which is tightly fitted to close the container during operation. This lid can be easily opened and gives space for the cleaning process. 

  • Discharge Door

 There are valves that control the discharge door during the discharging process. This valves also prevent wasting the material by making excellent sealing. Valves can be pneumatic, electric or manual.  

  • Rotating Shaft

 The shaft rotates at high speed to make sure efficient movement. Shaft speed may change in some cases. It is related to the outer ribbon. 80-100 meters per minute is the best speed for the shaft.  

  • Agitator Part and Control System 

 The agitator part is ideally helical. This shape enables to blend smooth and sufficient results.  

Ribbon blender mechanism has a wired control panel attached to the main body. Main power button, safety limit button, and emergency stop are the crucial part of the control panel. It is enough to tell us the size you want if you think of how to design ribbon blender.

  • Motor Mechanism

Blended material, starting point, and process are related to the power consumption, driver unit and speed. 

Advantages of Ribbon Mixer

  • The outer shell of the ribbon blender has steel thickness. The quality of the blade and cover makes it worthy. Material stability is crucial. The service life of the ribbon blender is over 20 years. 
  • Double ribbon mixer blade of the ribbon blender has a high speed which gives more efficient and smooth results at the end of the process.  
  • Triple mixing makes the blending process fast and efficient.  
  • Good sealing prevents ribbon mixer from the leakage of the material. Thus, the ribbon blender is a cost-friendly product.   
  • Maintenance of the ribbon blender can easily be done with the help of the one-sided assembly. You can contact us about the question of how to clean ribbon blender.   
  • The independent control panel of the ribbon blender mixer provides convenience.   
  • The ribbon mixer mechanism has relatively low mixing time.   
  • The process can repeat itself by the control unit. Reproduction is available.   
  • Discharging of the ribbon blender is very easy and user-friendly.   
  • There are various application areas of the ribbon blender.
  • Models and capacities of the ribbon blender change from 5-25000 liters. We can help you with concerns about how to clean ribbon mixer for all size.

Please tell us about the ribbon blender design you desire, we will give you all the information about how to design ribbon blender. We would like to help you with wide customization range options. 


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