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Improve powder mixing with the 3A Makina Ribbon BlenderBuy our ribbon blender designed to your operation to increase productivity into high gear. We supply many customized ribbon mixer designs for various usage in different industries.


Compact and efficient Ribbon Blender

Ribbon blender is a technology that is commonly used for powder and granule mixing purposes. 3A Makina’s ribbon mixers have been widely used for various industries like food, pesticides, crystalline, pharmaceutical materials, insecticides, mining and more.

If you are looking for an affordable but durable ribbon mixer machine with high quality and high performance, 3A Makina has a lot to offer.


Excellent mixing performance for your powders

3A Makina’s ribbon blender is smartly designed. Low maintenance required, the cost of operate is minimized.

Powerful and fast ribbons ensure the mixture quality. The rotating speed of the ribbons can reach up to 70-100 meters per minute. Approximately 15-20 minutes is required to finish the operation with a smooth end product.

The ribbon blenders working volume can reach up to 25000 liters and the their size is suitable for limited spaces. Mixing cylindersangle of the ribbon mixer changes from 180 to 300 and loading capacity is at 70%.

High quality material combined with high technology gearing system are the key factors for the long lifetime.

Our prices are well balanced and you do not have to give up on quality for affordable prices with our ribbon blenders.


The advantages of 3A Makina Ribbon Blender

The ribbon mixer ensures homogeneous, economically efficient mixing processes. It has been utilized to suitably blend dry solid – solid materials or powdered components to deliver a fine and homogenous mixture. 

Main advantages

  • Efficient and smooth results achieved with the double ribbons.
  • Fast blending process because of the triple mixing.
  • Short mixing time.
  • Consistent mixing rates, consistent results.
  • Smooth interior surface, no sticking.
  • One-sided assembly makes maintenance and cleaning easier.
  • User friendly control panel provides convenience.
  • Long lifetime expectation over 20 years.


Watch the operation from the inside

Ribbon Mixer Operation


3A Makina horizontal mixers


Buy a ribbon blender machine tailored to your operation to kick productivity.

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