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Tremor® Vibrating Sieve

3A Makina manufactures several different Tremor® Vibrating Sieves that can be used universally for test screening or to segregate dry materials into various particle sizes. Tremor® Vibrating Sieves are made according to customer needs and the specific plant requirement.

The ergonomic design of Tremor® Vibrating Sieve enables the screener to be maintained by one person. Also quick and easy screen inspection allows the screen changes or cleaning to be done also by one person.

Vibration is activated by two vibrating motors with adjustable out-of-balance force and provide reliable and rigid power. Vibrating motor design allows to adjust easily the counterweight and modify the vibration to find the best way to sieve a product.

With its compact design screens can be changed very fast and can be equipped with polyamid ring cleaning system.

If requested fully enclosed structure avoid dust overflow. The screen frame may be replaced as per different mesh numbers, saving running cost.

Tremor® Vibrating Sieves are used in the industries such as plastic, chemical, food, recycling, mineral, agriculture, construction, glass, sand and in some other industries.