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Clean, continuous and space-friendly conveying with the 3A Makina’s Tremor® spiral vibration conveyorOur vibrating spiral conveyors are exclusively designed for your conveying and heat exchange processes. 3A Makina is ready to offer wide selection of spiral conveyors with various capacity and cooling or heating options.


Clean, low cost, space friendly conveying for your granules and bulk products

3A Makina’s Tremor® Vibrating Spiral Conveyors are designed to convey bulk materials or granules with different sizes and densities upwards on an inclined path. These spiral conveyors are using vibration technology to move the products by following a helical transfer path, unlike linear conveyors.

Besides being hygienic and easy cleaning, our vertical conveyors also enables integration of additional processes when intermediate or final products are conveyed. The long conveying distance and substantially larger surface area allowed by the helical structure of the elevator presents high-temperature exchange capability as a spiral heat exchanger.

That turns out to be the main advantage of spiral conveyors where heating, cooling, humidifying and cooling can also be maintained at the same time with elevating. These heat exchanges can be done with the help of water, oil or air.

Conveying with our elevators is driven from the bottom towards the top. Various sizes and shapes of the spiral conveyor decks are available so that specific requirements can be met. These decks can be optionally covered with heat exchangers, in which water, oil or air circulates well.

Our vibra conveyors are commonly used in the industries like plastics, recycling and food processing to cool and convey the product after the production line or before the packaging.


Trust our 30+ years of experience with vibration systems

Our spiral conveyors are space friendly. Since the conveying path is vertical it saves a lot of space in the fabrication area.

Our systems only require the a low amount of electrical power for the vibration motors and close circulated heat transfer liquid such as water or oil. (For jacket supported models.)

3A Makina’s Tremor® vibrating spiral conveyors do not require an operator for their continuous operation.

Vibrating machines are fragile and exposed to the material damages from their natures. Our smartly designed systems can resist the material damages for a long time such as 20+ years with proper maintenance.

Our prices are well balanced and you do not have to give up on quality for affordable prices with our spiral conveyors


The advantages of 3A Makina's Tremor® spiral vibration conveyors

Our spiral conveyors have been used for high capacity and hygienic applications. While we can commit a capacity range from 100kg to 3.000kg per hour, stainless steel surfaces ensure there is no contamination on your product. If requested, the vibra conveyor can be isolated from the fabrication environment. 

Main advantages

  • Fine fabrication for high quality and durable conveyors
  • Vertical movement, small room usage
  • No operator needed
  • No maintenance required during the conveyors self operation
  • Adaptable to different capacities
  • Consistent carriage rates, consistent results
  • Thermal transfer system applications for different temperature requests
  • Easy cleaning, hygienic
  • No choking, well designed and tested operation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Well returned investment with long lifetime expectation and affordable price


Tremor® spiral vibration conveyors


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