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Tremor® Vibrating Spiral Conveyor

Tremor® Vibrating Spiral Conveyors are designed to convey bulk materials such as granules with various sizes and densities upwards on an inclined path. These vertical conveyors or so called granule coolers widely used in mechanical and thermal processes such as extruding lines as an extruder cooler and spiral heat exchanger where during the transfer or intermediate or final products follow a helical transfer path, unlike linear conveyors.

Besides being hygienic and easy cleaning, our vertical conveyors also enables integration of additional processes when intermediate or final products are conveyed. The long conveying distance and substantially larger surface area allowed by the helical structure of the elevator presents high-temperature exchange capability as a spiral heat exchanger.

That turns out to be the main advantage of spiral conveyors where heating, cooling, humidifying and cooling can also be maintained at the same time with elevating. These heat exchanges can be done with the help of water, oil or air.

Conveying with our elevators is driven from the bottom towards the top. Various sizes and shapes of the spiral conveyor decks are available so that specific requirements can be met. These decks can be optionally covered with heat exchangers, in which water, oil or air circulates well.

Our vibra conveyors or also called vibro coolers are commonly used in the plastics industry and recycling industry to cool and convey the product after the extrusion line or before the packaging.

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Tremor® Vibrating Sieve

3A Makina manufactures several different Tremor® Rectangular Separators that can be used universally for test screening or to segregate dry materials into various particle sizes. Tremor® Rectangular Separators are made according to customer needs and the specific plant requirement.

The ergonomic design of Tremor® Rectangular Seperator enables the screener to be maintained by one person and quick and easy screen inspection allows the screen changes or cleaning to be done also by one person.

Vibration is activated by two vibrating motors with adjustable out-of-balance force and provide reliable and rigid power. Vibrating motor design allows to adjust easily the counterweight and modify the vibration to find the best way to sieve a product.

With its compact design screens can be changed very fast and can be equipped with polyamid ring cleaning system.

If requested fully enclosed structure avoid dust overflow. The screen frame may be replaced as per different mesh numbers, saving running cost.

Tremor® Rectangular Separators are used in the industries such as plastic, chemical, food, recycling, mineral, agriculture, construction, glass, sand and in some other industries.