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Outsource your water treatment equipment fabrication to decrease your costs while not giving up on the quality3A Makina is ready to offer you well organized, well monitored water treatment fabrication services for competitive prices.


High quality contract fabrication for water treatment industry

3A Makina is an experienced fabricator of water treatment equipment such as clarifiers, thickeners, DAF units, mixing units, all kind of tanks, penstocks, customer designed equipment and much more.

We serve to the biggest water treatment companies around the world because of our dedication. Our clients are trusting us to deliver project based equipment with the highest fabrication standards and provide all related necessary documents.

3A Makina’s well organized documentation and regularly updated progress reports have been used to monitor the project from distant countries with ease. This integrated business model is suitable to develop international projects.

We are only using certified and high quality raw material from worldwide well known suppliers. All of our fabrication process starting from purchasing has been quality controlled and documented. We have ISO 9001:2015, EN:1090 and ISO3834:2 certifications.


Trust our 40+ years of experience with water treatment equipment fabrication

Our quality control managed and automated fabrication department ensures to supply high durability end products with flawless welding operations

We are experienced with all grades of steel including exotic steels. 3A Makina can offer this capability for balancing the project costs or also working with the right material for difficult treated water solutions mixed with chemicals or acids.

3A Makina can adapt its processes to any kind of project documentation following your company procedures.

Our fabrication and quality processes have been well documented and regularly shared with our clients. Customers are following the projects in time simultaneously.

We are globally connected with reputable logistics companies and ready to deliver the water treatment equipment wherever you want us to deliver for best rates.

We deliver on the time we promised.

Our prices are well balanced and you do not have to give up on quality for affordable prices with our water treatment system fabrications


The advantages of working with 3A Makina for water treatment systems

We fabricate clarifiers, thickeners, penstocks, screens, scrapers, mixers, sand filters and customer design equipment and delivery globally. Below is a short summary why major global water treatment companies are trusting us.

Main advantages

  • Fine fabrication with high tech machinery.
  • Stainless steel and carbon steel separation, no carbon contamination for stainless steel products.
  • Engineering and design support.
  • Detailed documentation integrity
  • Well organized and quality controlled environment.
  • Worldwide logistics support.
  • Delivering on the promised time.
  • Customers procedures integration.
  • ISO 9001:2015, EN:1090, ISO 3834:2 certifications, all welders certified
  • High quality raw material usage for long lasting projects ensuring satisfied end customers.
  • Competitive prices without giving up on the quality.


A snapshot to our fabrications


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