Pirshagi Underground Plant on Wastewater Treatment

Project Type

Wastewater Treatment

Project Owner


Project Location

Pirshagi, Azerbaijan

Project Details

To ensure the transfer of wastewater generated in some settlements of the Absheron Peninsula to the Pirshaghi wastewater treatment plant, the construction of carrier sewers has been started. “Azersu” OJSC is currently constructing a collector in two directions. According to the project, collectors are being built in two directions: Zabrat-Kurdakhani-Pirshaghi, as well as along the coast. 40% of the work on the construction of a 4 km long collector with 1400 mm diameter reinforced concrete pipes for the purpose of collecting and transporting the waste water generated in Zabrat, Kurdakhani and Pirshaghi settlements to the treatment plant has been completed. At present, a 2 km long tunnel is being constructed near the Pirshaghi station of the collector at the intersection of the railway and the highway. Construction of tunnels is carried out by special tunneling machines. For this purpose, pits dug at different depths at 16 points along the collector route are used.

3A Makina's Role

Complete design, fabrication and delivery of Coarse Screens made from 316L SS

Complete design, fabrication and delivery of Grit Removal System made from 316L and CS

Complete design, fabrication and delivery of Lime Silo System made from CS

3A Makina Processes

  • Design and fabrication of Fully Automated Coarse Screens,
    Material: 316L SS
  • Design and fabrication of of Grit Removal System including linear clarifiers, vibrating grit removers and screw conveyors,
    Material: 316L SS and CS
  • Design and fabrication of Lime Silo System including the silo, the conveyors and vibrators,
    Material: CS

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