St Saviours WTW

Project Type

Smelting Shop

Project Owner

Guernsey Water

Project Location

Guernsey, UK

Project Details

St Saviours site encompasses a key water treatment works, the Island’s only impounding dam and a large reservoir encircled by the popular 3km-long Millennium Walk. The treatment works utilises membrane technology to produce the highest possible quality of water to serve the south of the Island. 

The membrane technology works by forming a physical barrier to prevent any impurities, such as bacteria and parasites, from entering the water supply and reduces the amount of chemicals required in the filtration process. At full production, the plant can produce 10ML/d (10 Megalitres or 10 million litres per day).

3A Makina's Role

Complete fabrication and delivery of 10 x 6m Water Washtroughs made from 304L SS

3A Makina Processes

  • Fabrication of water washtroughs,
    Material: 304L SS

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