The Umm Al Hayman Wastewater Project

Project Type

Wastewater Project

Project Owner

WTE Wassertechnik GmbH

Project Location

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Project Details

The Umm Al Hayman Wastewater Project (the “Project”) with a complex financing structure is one of the world’s largest wastewater treatment projects treating sewage wastewater from the southern part of the State of Kuwait to supply agriculture and various other industries with highly treated wastewater (treated sewage effluent – ‘TSE’). The Project is Kuwait’s second privately owned and first independent wastewater facility under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) law (Law. No. 116 of 2014) of the State of Kuwait.

The dimensions of the Project, which is being carried out by WTE Wassertechnik GmbH (WTE), as a one-stop solution, are enormous. At its heart is the wastewater treatment plant, designed for 1.7 million people – which will be expandable at a later date is part of a 450 km long network of wastewater and TSE pipelines, pumping stations and vast reservoirs.

The plant, which will also receive its own 300 kV substation, will produce its own biogas in the course of the purification process, which will cover a huge part of its energy requirements itself.

3A Makina's Role

Complete fabrication and delivery of 6 x sludge mixer ports made from 316L SS

Complete fabrication and delivery of 6 x draft tube systems made from CS

3A Makina Processes

  • Fabrication of 6 x mixer ports,
    Material: 316L SS
  • Fabrication of 78 x draft tube sections,
    Material: CS

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