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Contract fabrication is the process of recruiting companies outside of your company to build your current products or new designs. Today many companies across the globe choose to outsource their manufacturing needs is due to the cut in labour costs.

A third-party manufacturing company can help to decrease production costs in a great way so that it tends to be much more economical to outsource production processes to companies that have a comparative advantage to produce them internally. Outsourcing, also called contract fabrication utilizes assets that are already in place without having to make an investment in fixed costs.

Manufacturing companies can benefit from contract fabrication with outsourcing their production in many ways. The cost reduction stays as the main reason for outsourcing. Companies aim to fix the manufacturing costs because they work on the manufacturing contracts which is the challenge for the contract fabricator. So the main risk is on the contract manufacturer. In addition to that if any product, from the prototype to the finished product, can be completed faster or at a lower cost somewhere else, it is always best to sign fabrication contracts for outsourcing it.

Here are some of the main advantages 3A Makina can offer to your company:
  • Cheaper labour and lower asset cost. Even the World has become virtually global today the conditions are still various in different part of the World.
  • Lower fixed cost. Many companies prefer outsourcing their manufacturing needs because they only have to pay for the variable cost of production, and not for any upfront fixed costs.
  • Logistics. The information age allows us to communicate on the cheap in milliseconds. But what about your products? Since you can not send them virtually, yet, logistics became one of the biggest inputs when calculating products or projects costs. 3A Makina can be your logistics partner in addition to being your fabrication partner. Turkey is a well-developed country when it comes to logistics. Since the country is geographically located between three seas and three continents 3A Makina has clear access to many countries with low costs. We do have global agencies from the American continent to Australia to establish economic and safe routes.
  • Flexible manufacturing. 3A Makina is a very flexible company as it is clear from the product range. We deliver various products for various industries when the product meets our contract manufacturing capabilities. So when you launch a new product or run a project which includes products that are special to that project 3A Makina is there to help you fabricate the products.
  • Manufacturing certificates. Most of the projects have some certain certification requests from the fabricators. 3A Makina stays actual of renewing its certificates regularly and even add new ones as fast as possible when it is required.
  • Traceable fabrication. In 3A Makina we involve our customers in our fabrication process and we share the fabrication & progress reports regularly so that the customer is in full charge of the status of the product.
  • Quality control. As a ISO 9001:2015 certified we follow the procedures strictly and report back to our customers. We also provide the option of 3rd party inspection and tests from globally respectful companies and present the 3rd party reports to our customers.

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