Tank Geometry: Choosing The Right Mixing Tank System

As a World-wide mixing tank manufacturer, we are often asked about the right geometry of our mixing vessels by our potential customers. The tank geometry plays a crucial role in the mixing process since it affects the mixer design, also.

Different mixing tank geometries have advantages and also disadvantages in terms of price, effectiveness, installation space and structure. Two common mixing vessel designs are cylindrical or sharp-edged also called rectangular. Both of these mixing tank designs can be similar in the body part of the vessel but the bottom part is all different.

Rectangular Mixing Tanks

Rectangular mixing tanks are usually designed with flat bottoms which help to the mixing process with acting as baffles at the bottom of the tank. This type of mixer tank design allows the transfer of the mixer group’s power more effectively in the mixture. However, they can cause sticking of the solid mixed products to the edges which is a problem for the mixing tanks volume and the suspension of the solids in the mixture. Rectangular mixer tanks have higher fabrication costs, also. They are recommended for liquid-liquid mixtures.

Cylindrical Mixing Tanks

Cylindrical mixing tanks usually called as better design even they required to add baffles in the mixing vessel to prevent swirling motion of the mixing product or even vortexing. The position of the mixing group plays a crucial role in preventing the vortex and placing the baffles in the correct position of the mixing tank. With dished or conical bottom designs of the mixer tank it easy to prevent the sticking of the product and use the mixing place more efficiently. The viscosity of the mixing product is also very important for the mixer vessel design and the requirement of baffles. The cylindrical mixing tanks are more economical solution in the fabrication aspects and also they are more space friendly in the facility comparing to the rectangular mixing tanks.

As an experienced manufacturer, 3A Makina helps its customers to choose the best possible mixer vessel in their process after a detailed analysis. Please contact us for your potential mixing tank projects or mixing vessel renewals in your current mixing process.

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