What Is The Advantages Of Ribbon Mixer?

Ribbon Mixer and blender usage and prevalence are increasing. Ribbon mixers and blenders, which contribute economically to the work done, also save time and facilitate the user’s work. 3 A Makina is one of the leading ribbon mixer manufacturers of ribbon mixers and blenders. We also offer various options on how to select a ribbon blender. Please contact us about how to design ribbon blender. We inform you about ribbon blender design. You can achieve homogenous powder mixture in very short time with ribbon mixers and blenders produced in the plants of 3 A Machine. We also offer various options on how to select a ribbon blender.

Applications of the Ribbon Blender Machine

Main applications of the ribbon blenders and mixers are as followings:

  • Huge number of dry solids can be mixed in the ribbon blenders.
  • Ribbon blender machine mixes chemicals, drugs, and cosmetics.
  • Ribbon mixer blends ingredients with the capsule.

Ribbon blender machines are used in multifarious fields such as agricultural chemicals, chocolate products, detergents and soaps, flours, food flavoring and mixes, pharmaceuticals and vitamins, powdered metals.

Equipment Pieces of Ribbon Blender

These equipments of the ribbon mixer machine are essential to building a uniform blend and smooth results. These equipments explains how do ribbon blenders work.

  • Blending Vessel

The Blending of the materials takes place in this region. Blending vessel is the biggest and main part of the system. It has a mostly U-shaped design. Two ribbons do their movements here.

  • Heavy Top Cover

There is a top flat lid which is tightly fitted to close the container during operation. This lid can be easily opened and gives space for the cleaning process.

  • Discharge Door

There are valves that control the discharge door during the discharging process. This valves also prevent wasting the material by making excellent sealing. Valves can be pneumatic, electric or manual.

  • Rotating Shaft

The shaft rotates at high speed to make sure efficient movement. Shaft speed may change in some cases. It is related to the outer ribbon. 80-100 meters per minute is the best speed for the shaft.

  • Agitator Part and Control System

The agitator part is ideally helical. This shape enables to blend smooth and sufficient results.

Ribbon blender mechanism has a wired control panel attached to the main body. Main power button, safety limit button, and emergency stop are the crucial part of the control panel. It is enough to tell us the size you want if you think of how to design ribbon blender.

  • Motor Mechanism

Blended material, starting point, and process are related to the power consumption, driver unit and speed.

Advantages of Ribbon Mixer
  • The outer shell of the ribbon blender has steel thickness. The quality of the blade and cover makes it worthy. Material stability is crucial. The service life of the ribbon blender is over 20 years.
  • Double ribbon mixer blade of the ribbon blender has a high speed which gives more efficient and smooth results at the end of the process.
  • Triple mixing makes the blending process fast and efficient.
  • Good sealing prevents ribbon mixer from the leakage of the material. Thus, the ribbon blender is a cost-friendly product.
  • Maintenance of the ribbon blender can easily be done with the help of the one-sided assembly. You can contact us about the question of how to clean ribbon blender.
  • The independent control panel of the ribbon blender mixer provides convenience.
  • The ribbon mixer mechanism has relatively low mixing time.
  • The process can repeat itself by the control unit. Reproduction is available.
  • Discharging of the ribbon blender is very easy and user-friendly.
  • There are various application areas of the ribbon blender.
  • Models and capacities of the ribbon blender change from 5-25000 liters. We can help you with concerns about how to clean ribbon mixer for all size.

Please tell us about the ribbon blender design you desire, we will give you all the information about how to design ribbon blender. We would like to help you with wide customization range options.

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