What Is The Ribbon Blender?

Ribbon blender is a technology that is commonly used in food, chemicals, cosmetics, plastic, construction materials, pharmacy. Ribbon blender can be used for powder mixing, granules, liquid and powder mixing purposes. Food industry, pesticides, crystalline, pharmaceutical materials, insecticides are the best suitable areas for ribbon mixer. If someone in this area looks for a ribbon blender for sale, that would be a logical decision.

The ribbon mixer ensures homogeneous, economically efficient mixing processes. We start with how to make ribbon blender. Ribbon blender is designed to meet proficient mixing and blending capabilities. Ribbon blender is used to mix solid materials or powdered components to deliver a fine and homogenous mixture.

Ribbon blender mixes to higher degree of exactness and productivity regardless of the accessible amounts of the materials. Ribbon mixer is particularly reasonable for mixing such strong materials like granules, flavors, glue, liquid and talcum powders.

Ribbon Blender Provides Low Cost and High Efficiency

In the light of the developing technology, growing machine technology makes the life of people remarkably easier. Progress in mixer technology is one of them. Ribbon mixer saves time by fully homogenizing mixtures and provides an economic contribution. Ribbon blenders become very popular mixing devices because of maintenance, setup cost and the low cost of the product they produce compared to the other blenders in this industry.

Why do you need Ribbon Blender?

The ribbon mixer ensures homogeneous, economically efficient mixing processes. Ribbon blender is outlined to meet proficient mixing and blending capabilities. Ribbon blender is utilized to suitably blend and mix dry solid and solid materials or powdered components to deliver a fine and homogenous mixture.
There are inner and outer ribbons working in up and down direction to mix the powder in a short time. There are various special mixing options for ribbon blender mixers such as heating system
integrated and high-speed mixing blades with respect to the powder.

1. Wide Range of Application and Exceptionally Few Crushes

Having a double ribbon agitator makes ribbon mixer machine multipurpose. It is also reasonable for mixing the powder-powder, powder-liquid, paste and materials having highly sticky consistency like putty. Material destructiveness could not be seen because of having a spiral speed of the ribbon. Besides, the ribbon does not collapse or stops functioning easily.

2. It Has a Triple Expert Blending Capability

This triple-action is used as an effective mixing capacity with high speed. The double-helical agitators enable to rotate the material inside the blender. As a result of this rotation, the exterior ribbon passes the material to the discharge side. An Interior ribbon that is capable of opposing movement ability sends back materials from the discharge door to the other side.

3. Improved Sealing and Highly Loading Rate

The angle of the mixing cylinders changes from 180 to 300 and its loading capacity is nearly %70. In addition, there are lots of sealing method that enables to select the suitable one for the product. The ribbon mixer has solid construction. Packing seal is used for superfine powder ones, mechanical seals are used for materials with good fluidity. The lid of the ribbon mixer machine is stainless steel and prevents from leakage.

4. Produces a Super Consistency and Homogenous Mix and Blend

There are two ribbon agitators in the ribbon blender. These agitators move the materials from one end to another in the ribbon mixer. This movement changes the material into a homogenous mixture.

5. Revealing a Super Mixture in a Noticeable Short Time

The ribbons of the ribbon mixer have the capability of rotating 70-100 meters per minute which is a super-fast speed. 15-20 minutes is required to complete the blending of the mixture.

6. Variety of Working Capacity and Limited Size

The ribbon mixer machines have a changing capacity between 5 to 25000 liters. They are also user-friendly and they can be ideal for the ones that have limited spaces. We can help you with the size and how to calculate volume of the ribbon blender.

We would like to specify that the range of the ribbon mixers is wide regarding how to design ribbon mixer.

Please tell us the ribbon mixer design you want. We, as the sector’s leading ribbon mixer manufacturer, will be delivering the product you want as soon as possible. Get a Quote!

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