Our Business

Founded in 1985, 3A Makina operates in the heart of Turkey, Istanbul with a 4.000 m² indoor and 2.000 m² outdoor manufacturing facility, surrounded with highways, seaports and airports. Our facility is equipped with suitable machinery and tools for fabricating steel works up to 1.100 tons/year.

With over 200 reference projects worldwide, 3A Makina distinguishes itself with its experience and is a prominent fabricator in the global water and wastewater treatment industries thanks to its successful involvement with major companies and organizations.


The experience is very important for fabrication. It has been 40 years since 3A Makina finished its first project. Our fabrication team is very experienced in their own field. This experience makes it easy for customers who would like to participate in the production phase and also gives confidence to the customers with limited fabrication knowledge.


After many years 3A Makina gained a well-earned reputation in its business field for being trustable. Since sustainability and customer satisfaction are very important aspects for project fabrication business we always aimed to satisfy our customers and to keep our words no matter what size the project was. Our customers satisfaction are based on our ability to keep our words. Our references are the main reasons for us to keep working with major global companies continuously.


3A Makina is well aware of the competition in fabrication sector and that is the main reason we take our steps very carefully when it comes to production and control. Besides focusing our own quality procedures we also have strict quality expectations from our suppliers. We only work with well reputable companies locally and globally, also. Our quality team is monitoring all production phases and also shares their findings with our customers in time. You are welcome to check our quality page for the certificates we have.


In 3A Makina we do not strict our fabrication capabilities with several products. We adapt our production line to new designs coming from our current or potential customers. We are eager to help our customers with their product design with our perspective of being an experienced fabricator to decrease the production costs.


Our clients often decide to outsource steel fabrications within their businesses so they can focus their resources more specifically on their core competencies, thereby we help them gain competitive advantages in the market. The outsource as a way to lower costs, improve efficiencies and gain speed.

Our Core Values

  • Keeping our words
  • Honest and transparent trade
  • Best service we can provide
  • Make and keep commitments
  • Combining intelligence with industriousness
  • Value our people and their families

Our Vision

Becoming a leader contract fabricator in Turkey serving globally by improving our fabrication skills and product quality continuously.

Our Mission

We know the importance of well organized fabrication. In 3A Makina we globally serve to the companies who are expecting well organized and monitored fabrication.

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With over 200 reference projects worldwide, 3A Makina distinguishes itself with its experience and is a prominent fabricator in various industries thanks to its successful involvements with major companies and organizations.
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