Project Delivery: BUSKİ Bursa Vakıf Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Due to global climate change, drought is also among the important agenda items of Turkey. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality continues its investments in order to avoid the problem of thirst in the city. The Metropolitan Municipality, which commissioned water wells “so that the city does not become dehydrated”, especially in the drought, which also felt its effect in Bursa in 2019, is adding a packaged drinking water treatment plant to the region in order to make the water obtained from the well drilled in the Vakıf Mahallesi of Yıldırım, healthier.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which detects turbidity and suspended solids content in well water analysis, aims to meet the drinking and utility water needs of the region in accordance with human consumption values ​​with this investment. The plant will operate at a capacity of 500 liters per second. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who examined the investment on site, received information about the ongoing facility from BUSKİ General Manager Güngör Gülenç and the authorities.

“We will not experience thirst”

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that climate change and drought are one of the most important problems in today’s world. Stating that the work continues intensively with the help of BUSKI in order not to leave Bursa without water and to provide quality clean water, Mayor Aktaş said, “When the analyzes of the waters coming out of the deep water wells drilled in the Foundation region of the Yıldırım district were examined, it was seen that it contained turbidity and suspended solids. These contents are problematic in terms of human use and are above the limit values. We are installing a packaged drinking water treatment plant with a capacity of 43,200 cubic meters per day, that is, 500 liters per second, in the area opposite Vakıf Bera City Park to purify water. We plan to open the facility at the beginning of March. Yıldırım is our second largest district and during the summer months, there can be problems with sand and pollution. We will solve the problems with this facility.

As 3A Makina, we are proud to deliver 14 x ∅3800mm pressurized multimedia sand filters in the project for the sake of Bursa citizens.

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