A Money Saver: Tremor® Vibrating Spiral Conveyor

When a company factors in the cost of labor, packaging is often more expensive than anticipated. Especially if the company is producing domestically or in small quantities. This expensiveness shows up because of the required processes before packaging such as cooling the end product.
Tremor® vibrating spiral conveyor is a great helper in terms of saving production space and money. The spiral vibratory conveyor doesn’t come with a high price when the vibra conveyor is compared with a horizontal and traditional cooling line.

Besides production space saving the spiral vibratory conveyor has significant advantages in terms of maintenance. The vibrating spiral conveyor is operating with two vibration motors and with a small amount of cool water to drop the temperature of the end product.

To summarize, the companies who are in search of an economical and successful cooling system for their bulk or granulized products should request a quotation for spiral vibratory conveyor. It must be noted that vibratory spiral conveyors are customized systems for different types of products and the prices of the vibra conveyors are various.

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