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3A Makina provides sustainable fabrication services to the water and wastewater treatment, energy, chemicals, minerals, plastics, glass, recycling and paper industries worldwide.

We deliver high quality equipment and service solutions globally that enable our customers to improve performance, drive down costs and reduce environmental impact.

Projects Involved

There are several reasons why a company has been chosen as the equipment fabricator in the projects that took place thousands of kilometers away from its based country.

The outsourcing of labor overseas is a natural result of the globalization of markets, and businesses' drive to cut costs to maximize profits.

But global outsourcing ​​comes with certain risks. When outsourcing, companies may experience problems with service delivery, lack of flexibility, management difficulties, instability and confidentiality.

3A Makina has proven itself as a company which eliminates these risks for its customers. In addition to that we are continuously evolving in both quality and fabrication capacity aspects to meet the requirements of the incoming projects with new challenges.

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With over 200 reference projects worldwide, 3A Makina distinguishes itself with its experience and is a prominent fabricator in various industries thanks to its successful involvements with major companies and organizations.
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