Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant

Project Type

Ferroalloy Plant

Project Owner

JSC TNK Kazchrome

Project Location

Aktobe, Kazakhstan

Project Details

Aktobe Ferroalloys Plant is a modern, consistently developing enterprise, the production volume of which is more than 740 thousand tons of ferroalloys per year.

The plant includes 2 smelting shops, a slag processing shop and auxiliary shops.

Smelting Shop No. 4 is the newest unit of the enterprise. This shop uses an innovation technology of smelting in the direct current furnaces being a unique one not only for the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also for the global ferroalloys industry. The shop is equipped with the most efficient (72 MW) direct current furnaces in the world for the production of high-carbon ferrochrome. The whole process is automated as much as possible. The production solutions make it possible to dispose of the ferroalloys gas and dust. Domestic raw materials – fine ore and carbon reductants are used for the furnaces.

Particular attention is paid to safety and environmental protection. This project aims to treat the wastewater produced while chrome production.

3A Makina's Role

Complete fabrication and delivery of 2 x ∅40m tank diameter thickeners made from 316L SS and CS

3A Makina Processes

  • Fabrication of thickener inner mechanisms,
    Material: 316L SS
  • Fabrication of thickener outer mechanisms,
    Material: 316L SS
  • Fabrication of thickener tank supports,
    Material: 316L SS
  • Fabrication of thickener platforms and walkways,
    Material: CS

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