Gordes Nickel Project

Project Type

Nickel Project

Project Owner

Meta Nikel Kobalt

Project Location

Manisa, Turkey

Project Details

Gördes, Manisa, which is among the top 10 facilities in the world with its technology and process management, is the first specialized operation established to develop nickel-cobalt resources in Turkey. The facility consists of 4 main sections; “Nickel Open Pit Quarry”, “Limestone Quarry”, “High Pressure Leaching Facility” and “Auxiliary Facilities”.

3A Makina's Role

Complete fabrication and delivery of 1 x ∅25m thickener for high density water made from CS

3A Makina Processes

  • Fabrication of thickener inner mechanisms,
    Material: CS
  • Fabrication of thickener outer mechanisms,
    Material: CS
  • Fabrication of thickener tank supports,
    Material: CS
  • Fabrication of thickener platforms and walkways,
    Material: CS

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