Halkapınar Arsenic Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Project Type

Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Project Owner

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

Project Location

İzmir, Turkey

Project Details

Halkapınar Arsenic Drinking Water Treatment Plant is located within the scope of Halkapınar İZSU Water Works in Konak district of İzmir. The facility brings the arsenic content in the groundwater taken from Halkapınar wells to drinking water standards.

The facility has a capacity of 1,000 liters/second and includes a filter building, 22 filter tanks, a pumping station, a water collection pool and a 220 meter long pipeline with a diameter of 1,000 millimeters and 800 millimeters.

Raw water coming to the facility enters the filter system as pre-chlorinated through the line. There are 2 coagulant material (ferrous chloride) tanks with volumes of 20 cubic meters and 50 cubic meters in the facility. The amount of coagulant substance is calculated from these tanks and dosed in the line before filtration and reacts with arsenic to keep the arsenic in the filters. The filter system has a 5-layer multimedia filling consisting of 4 layers of quartz in the lower layer and 1 layer of anthracite material in the upper layer. The system is subjected to backwashing at certain times depending on the raw water arsenic ratio. Before backwashing, the remaining water and air in the filter system are discharged. During backwashing, the multimedia inside the tank is activated by the air bellows, and the sediments and sludge remaining at the bottom are carried to the upper layers, and then the tanks are made ready for purification by rinsing with water with the help of the washing pump. The backwash and rinsing waters of the facility are given to the sewerage network.

3A Makina's Role

Complete fabrication and delivery of 48 x ∅3200mm multimedia filters made from CS

3A Makina Processes

  • Fabrication of multimedia filters, Material: CS

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