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Reactors and Mixing Tanks

3A Makina’s reactors are adaptable to product characteristics and parameters for different industries. Typically used in paint industry as paint mixer or paint agitator also some another examples of sectors which our chemical reactors and process reactors used are food, construction, petrochemistry, oil, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and special chemicals industries.

Our chemical reactors without heat exchangers, agitating tanks, mixing tanks or blending tanks, so-called coaxial agitators, are suitable for applications require dissolving or agitating of liquids and also solids. These chemical agitators provide high quality mixing.

The adjustable impellers installed on the central shaft are responsible for high speed dispersion or low speed mixing. The coaxial arrangement of the coaxial mixers provides a high degree of flexibility.

The tank material of the mixing tank, chemical agitator, is always chosen specially for the project from the wide range of stainless steel or carbon steel grades.

The high requirements for cleanability and surface quality of agitators serve to food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry are accommodated by various actions such as prevention of dead ends in the mixing tanks, sealing technics compatible to CIP and SIP, opening or sealing of gaps and usage of human health friendly materials.

The mixing vessel body can be heated by steam, electricity and oil, exclusively implemented for the production phase.

Each of our reactors, blending tanks, tank agitators are specially designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.