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Upgrade your mixing process with the 3A Makina mixing tankOur mixing tanks are exclusively designed for your mixing process. You can choose your mixing tank(s) from our wide selection of tank material and mixer type options.


High quality mixing tanks for excellent mixing

3A Makina’s mixing tanks are adaptable to product characteristics and parameters for different industries. 

Our mixing tanks – blending vessels are suitable for applications require dissolving or agitating of liquids and also solids. We always aim the highest quality mixing performance matching to your process.

The adjustable impellers installed on the central shaft are responsible for high speed dispersion or low speed mixing. The coaxial arrangement of the coaxial mixers, mixer blades, provides a high degree of flexibility.

The main material of the mixing tank, also named as mixing vessel, is always chosen specially for the project from the wide range of stainless steel or carbon steel grades.

The mixing vessel body can be cooled by water or can be heated by steam, electricity and oil, exclusively implemented for the production process.

Each of our blending tanks are designed and manufactured to perfectly meet your demands.

If you are looking for an affordable but durable mixing tank with high quality and high performance, 3A Makina has a lot to offer.


Trust our 40+ years of experience with mixing

Our quality control managed and automated fabrication department ensures to supply high durability end products with flawless welding operations

We respect the mixing mid-products material characteristics and offer best suitable mixer designs with correct material

We choose most suitable mixing tank geometry and mixer design will be used in your mixing process

When your process requires a thermal transfer such as cooling or heating we offer different type of thermal transfer solutions to create best mixing conditions

3A Makina’s automation team is ready to implement Industry 4.0 applications to your mixing projects for monitoring and optimizing your resources based on Internet of Things technology

Our prices are well balanced and you do not have to give up on quality for affordable prices with our mixing tanks


The advantages of 3A Makina mixing tanks

Our mixer vessels ensure homogeneous, economically efficient mixing processes. It has been utilized to suitably blend liquid – liquid or liquid – solid materials and components to deliver a fine and homogenous mixture. 

Main advantages

  • Fine fabrication for high quality and durable blending vessels.
  • Efficient and smooth results achieved with the correct mixer and impeller type.
  • Adjustable mixing time & speed.
  • Consistent mixing rates, consistent results.
  • Thermal transfer system applications
  • Smooth interior surface, supported with optional cleaning systems.
  • Industry 4.0 solutions, optional.
  • User friendly control panel provides convenience.
  • Long lifetime expectation over 20 years.


3A Makina blending tanks and mixing tanks


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