Projects Involved

Jurong Island Project

Equipment Fabrication for Rohm and Haas Chemicals Singapore Production Facility Wastewater Treatment Plant

Halkapınar Arsenic Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Halkapınar Arsenic Drinking Water Treatment Plant is located within the scope of Halkapınar İZSU Water Works in Konak district of İzmir.

Tatkavaklı Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Tatkavaklı Package Drinking Water Treatment Plant will operate by being fed from 8 wells, 4 of which are existing and 4 of which are newly drilled.

University of Kurdistan Hewlêr Water Treatment Plant

Complete fabrication and delivery of 16 x package type water treatment plants from CS

Modernisation of Opole Wastewater Treatment Plant

Already in 2002 WTE modernised the wastewater treatment plant Opole/Poland within the consortium WTE-Energopol.

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